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Richard Ayotte
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Office Move Pro provides a wide range of services that include:

  • Office relocations
  • Furniture installations
  • Warehouse relocations
  • Storage
  • Computer disconnects and reconnects
  • Panel and chair cleaning


Office Move Pro, as many businesses today, was using a combination of proprietary software, spreadsheets and in house built databases to run their business. When the proprietary software didn't provide the features they needed, they would adapt by either creating a database or spreadsheet and entering the information multiple times in the various systems. Over time, the system grew, became inefficient and difficult to manage.


Office Move Net is a web based application tailored to Office Move Pro's unique needs. Inefficiencies such as entering the same data into multiple systems has been eliminated. Information about their services is found very quickly with an intuitive auto-updating user interface. More importantly though, the centralized system gives Office Move Pro peace of mind. Everything is done efficiently and in one place.

Office Move Net Features
  • Moving service scheduling
  • Inventory
  • Reports


Overall this service manager is the best thing to happen to Office Move Pro since I started

-- Craig Moore, VP Sales, Office Move Pro

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