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Richard Ayotte
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Exocor is North America's leading solution-provider of high performance welding filler metals used for fabrication, repair and refurbishment across a diverse group of industries.


The Exocor website suffered from numerous problems. The content was difficult to manage because the static and dynamic page elements had been combined. The product datasheets and technical publications were hardcoded into static HTML files. Performance problems were caused by unnecessary Flash and multiple JavaScript libraries. The HTML wasn't semantic and styling was part of the HTML.


A complete re-implementation of the site was done with a high performance and extensible framework. All the HTML was rewritten to be semantic and separate from the style. The datasheets and technical publications were entered into a database for easy querying and maintenance.


I look forward to working with you again on further development of our website.

-- Michael Falle, Senior Account Manager, Exocor

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